Dr. Cirilo F. Bautista,

The author of

The Trilogy of Saint Lazarus

Selected Poems

Kung Paano Matatamo Ang Katahimikan Sa Mundo






The Sea Cannot Touch


A Man Falls to His Death


Walking Around in Brussels


Written in Stratford-Upon-Avon


Dead Weight: In Memoriam
(Ferdinand E. Marcos, 11 September 191728 September 1989)

Excerpt from Telex Moon (Part Three)
The Trilogy of Saint Lazarus


Excerpt from Sunlight on Broken Stones
The Trilogy of Saint Lazarus




The graphics by which the calculus is borne
to prescribe the signsand pathway of the mind
none can unlock with statistics or bind
to metal currency like fish and corn;
for neither time bomb nor flagman can scorn
the sure numerals the gnomon has signed.
Be a dryad, a glyptic seeing or blind,
the calculus will wound you with its horn:

so fine a machine can demolish the art
we raise against the phalanx it employs,
the human tactics we plot on our chart
melt before its argument like plastic toys
dolmen, alar, crude, tied to the womb like sex,
it is the saviour that comes with an ax.



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