Dr. Cirilo F. Bautista,

The author of

The Trilogy of Saint Lazarus

Selected Poems

Kung Paano Matatamo Ang Katahimikan Sa Mundo






The Sea Cannot Touch


A Man Falls to His Death


Walking Around in Brussels


Written in Stratford-Upon-Avon


Dead Weight: In Memoriam
(Ferdinand E. Marcos, 11 September 1917—28 September 1989)

Excerpt from Telex Moon (Part Three)
The Trilogy of Saint Lazarus


Excerpt from Sunlight on Broken Stones
The Trilogy of Saint Lazarus



A Man Falls To His Death

1      Blood is nothing. Space is all. Is.
2      A simple diagram illustrates this:
3      where A is the tenth floor of steel and glass (He was on
4      the noon shift forging the dream to a reality fine mean
5      could slumber in, or whores, in antechamber, touch their bone)
6      and B the level earth (Above the clogged engine
7      a shadow traced the lines on his foot, while shoot
8      his brain with firelights the money did). Put
9      down an imaginary circle around the vertical.
10    Compute the square of guilt against an integral
11    his age built when he was young: wrong,
12    axiomatic: the sum stands thus: Along
13    the curve X (none noticed the leap; what they saw
14    was the red imprint) by which we know
15    the nothing particualr, the momentum
16    carried him to the point beyond the dictum—
17    Hic primus geometros—for a body physical, a
18    Mass, emits energy equal to zero, the stay
19    Necessary to arrive at a base, as in Berger’s
20    Formula for optics. Here we remember
21    the fallacy of inclusive force if we extend
22    A to the absolute (He was, a day ago, threatened
23    With dismissal for displeasing a superior)
24    and call it the Cause: heat, hunger, air—
25    these were just contingent. To recapitulate:
26    Berger’s law does not apply here, as the late
27    Projections of X show, space being non-mathematic;
28    from A to B the descent exhibits a quick
29    increase in force, though the exact ellipsis we know not.
30    (The Blank and Blank Co., Inc., regrets to announce that. . . .)



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