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For Cirilo F. Bautista—Already you write like a Master: with genius in

language and genius of imagination. No poet in contemporary America

or Britain has your magnitude.  Therefore, to salute you is my honor. 

National Artist Jose Garcia Villa


Bautista is the long-needed break-away from the lyric tradition that

Villa created…It’s good to come up a world like Bautista’s which exists

apart from his thoughts of it.  His density is the quality that sets him

apart from the other young poets of his generation.
National Artist Nick Joaquin


For Cirilo: I’ve asked myself—What is it that sets your poetry apart?

I think, now, I know—it’s the philosophy.”

National Artist Francisco Arcellana


The Archipelago is fine piece of writing.  —Paul Engle,

America poet and Director,

International Writers Workshop, state University of Iowa, USA


Bautista is a better epic poet than any American I know. 

George Starbuck, American poet


My admiration for the heart and spirit of Cirilo F. Bautista.  

William Saroyan, American fictionist


Bautista is truly a good poet.  —Bienvenido N. Santos


Bautista’s poetry, at its best, is musical, without many consonantals

in the alliterative sections, but with firm, resonant end rrhymes.

He is one of a very rare group of Filipino poets that can use full, half

and slant rhymes without descending to doggerel or becoming

silly of half-baked—a real achievement.  —Ricaredo Demetillo


This monumental work [The Archipelago] which is not easy to laud

completely, as is the case with the major, foundation-shaking works,

promises a new poetics, which engages the full responding faculties

of any reader by giving free play to the creative imagination at its

most inventive and most agile, and by treating experiences

more lively, more intensely by taking stock of the role of history

in the life of the artist, and specifically, in the life of any other man. 

Ophelia Alcantara Dimalanta


This is Bautista’s Telex Moon, the second book in his planned

Trilogy of Saint Lazarus.  We should all delight in its unmistakable

triumph. It is a masterwork, asserting once again that Bautista

has no peer within the often times fragmented realm of current

Philippine poetry.  —Alfred A. Yuson


Bautista’s principal difference from other poets lies in the extension

of his vision across the centuries and in the variety of verse forms

used to individualize that vision’s evolution.
Leonard Casper


One cannot read The Archipelago and not look at contemporary

events with a more dispassionate and more penetrating

perception.  —Elizabeth Perkins, Australian critic


In 1991, when I was reading all of Bautista’s poems, including a

number that he chose not to include in earlier collections, I was

aware that, to represent his poetry in a Native Clearing,

I would have to respond, not to what I might take as his principal

ideas but rather, to his experience as a poet of our own historical

place and time… I was so deeply moved by the poet’s experience

of our history in his bones that, after I had made a selection of

Bautista’s poems for A Native Clearing, I felt my response could

best be delivered as a poem. I called it “That Space in Time.

Gemino H. Abad


This [Stories] is a remarkable collection of five short stories by

one of the most respected poets of the Philippines. 

Paulino Lim, Jr.


Bautista is still, il miglior fabbro.  —Eric Gamalinda


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