Dr. Cirilo F. Bautista,

The author of

The Trilogy of Saint Lazarus

Selected Poems

Kung Paano Matatamo Ang Katahimikan Sa Mundo






The Sea Cannot Touch


A Man Falls to His Death


Walking Around in Brussels


Written in Stratford-Upon-Avon


Dead Weight: In Memoriam
(Ferdinand E. Marcos, 11 September 191728 September 1989)

Excerpt from Telex Moon (Part Three)
The Trilogy of Saint Lazarus


Excerpt from Sunlight on Broken Stones
The Trilogy of Saint Lazarus



The Sea Cannot Touch

The sea cannot touch me now
nor the sky
in this room whose arms are
your arms

They would spell the night
I took you for my wife
I do not think of candles in that church
Though they were there

the priest the words though they
were there
I think only of your sad
beautiful face following

the nothing there/the nothing
to construct our lives with/hoping
the singing birds would come
and house among its branches



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